25 All Time Best Attitude Status For Boys

 25 All Time Best Attitude Status For Boys 

1) I May Not Be Perfect But I'm Always Me

2) My Goal Is NOt To Be Better Than Anyone Else, But To Be Better Than I Used Too

3) Beauty Is Only Skin, Face, And Figure But The Attitudes Is In The Bone 

4) Your Attitude Is Like A Price Tag, It Shows How Valuable You Are

5) Yes I'm Smiling But You're Not The Reason Anymore

6) My Attitude Is Based On How You Treat Me

7) Imagine A New Story For Your LIfe And Start Living It

8) Life Is 50% Attitude. The Other Half Is  Attitude

9) For Success, Attitude Is Equally As Important As Ability

10) My Back Is Not A Voicemail So Better Say It On My Face 

11) I am Not Perfect Neither You Are...

12) Haters And Dogs Both Bark

13) You Can't Win Any Battle If You Are Losing Your Mind

14) I'M Not Failed My Sucess Is Just Postponed...

15) Your Attitude May Hurt Me. But Mine Can Kill You

16) When You Can't Change The Direction Of The Wind. Adjust Your Sails

17) You Gotta Be A Beast That's The Only Way They'll Respect You

18) With The Right Attitude Anything Is Possible

19) I Have Attitude That Is Beyond Your Level..

20) Respect Your Haters They Are The Only Ones Who Think Your Are The Best

21) I am Not Perfect I am Edition

22) Nobody Is Too Busy. It's Just Matter Of Priorities

23) I Don't Care What You Think About Me. I Don't Think About You At All

24) Self Confidence Is The Best Outfit, Rock It & Own It.

25) Genius By Birth, Evil By Choice

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