Best Missing Quotes In English


Best Missing Quotes In English

It will increase the love when you miss some one, Because the remember have more power than the reality.


Without you nothing is my identity ,if you are here then I am are my heart and I am your bit .miss you so much


One day you will become sad for lossing me more than I miss you.


I never knew that you become so important to me. I didn't notice before that I was happy because of you. Now you leave me I'm all alone here missing you. I thought I will not miss you this much but I was wrong I'm pain I'm missing you like crazy. I just want to be with you forever and ever.


Dear sweety..I wonder wherever you may be. Right here in a lonely place i m missing you so much that no one seems to cure me. I can't pass my day without thinking about you. Please try to come back soon. I had a sleepless night ever since you left me. My heart is in pain when you are not with me. Miss you


Today i really miss all the time that how much we spend so much time together and how much i feel happy and safe with your company.I remember all the good time we spend together .I remember our fights on the silly topics.I really and truly enjoy with you and now when you are not here so i really miss you.


I miss you too much and after wearing traditional dresses I am thinking too much and this year you are not with us for any celebration .So I feel very bad any miss you too much .Why you are not coming and celebrating this festival with friends specially with me I am waiting for your answer and do come and join with us.


You are not my love , you are my life , I am every time just miss for u , I am always by heart miss for u . I love you so much .


I miss you a lot when I am not finding you anywhere and then I am very disturbed and thinking about you that what you are doing and where are you going to become a normal and will come out of all this condition and let me tell you that we can stay together for years if you feel and decide.So if you are clear then just inform me.


On this Wonderful Day,wish you a very good luck in your life,miss you so much as i am not with you but i hope everything is Great,Happy Aniversary to the Special person.


I miss you all the time when you are not coming to college and I am getting disturb about you and thinking all the time about you and not able to pay attention in any work .So don't do like this with me and continue a proper relationship with me .When everything is going well then I am ok otherwise I am getting upset .


I miss you when you are not coming to college and I want that you come to college and talk to us and enjoy life we enjoy.The best way to come and enjoy with group in these years only afterwards we all are busy with our work and relationship with each other .The best is that come and join with us and have lots of fun .


Death is so final. It closes the door when the breadth of life leaves the body, leaving others paralaysed with a heavy heart. The sting of death wraps around the heart of those left behind, making it difficult to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. The light from the home has gone and the voice we loved could never again be heard. Death is the enemy of man.


I am here missing my dear boy friend. I have no words when I was missing him. I get automatically crying when I miss him. He is every thing for me, in my opinion he is the best person to me. Missing is really very great pain. This cannot be over come by so many of the people's. I miss him.


good evening i miss you when i think of you . i miss you when i read your text messages. i miss you whenever i see the gift you give me. i miss you whenever i am alone. i miss you when i visit the place that we were together i miss you and think about you till my last breath. miss you my love


Dear love. Please get well soon. I can't able to see you lying on the bed whole day. I'm boring I miss you. Get well soon.


Life would have been better if I've never seen you and I wouldn't have been suffering every second the disease called love ????


misss you alot alot my dear friend baby cream ayesha maheen..missing all the school days i spended with you .hopes one day we will meet as soon as possible..miss you alot alot..


i miss all the days i spended with you in school..both little tiny pony on head ...a short school uniform ...teasing the friend by pulling there ponys ....missing all the days.. miss you dear baby cream........hope you have remeberd...


Hi honey i miss you lot pillu. When you will be back my complete strength has went away without you. I need your shoulder please come to me and take away with you.


On the special day i miss you soo much. I wish you could be here and laugh with me on silly jokes..we could have fun. After all everything lies on one's fate. Hope someday i will meet you and make that day special. I hope you are also missing me. How could you not? We are friends of heart, and will always remember each other.


Great friends are part of memories.Time can never erase when life is blessed with friends like you.Sweeter memories are there to look back.I really miss you dear friend.


It's a very long time to see u because I m so far from u, Wherever u r , I will always remember u every day and night, And also I will dream of u.... Good night ND have a sweet dream Miss u lot.


People will not realise the one whose carrying and loving us each and Every movement after they left only we are starting to realise. I miss you.


Girlfriend :baby,I love you and I miss you Boyfriend : I'm busy I will text you later Girlfriend :ok love After sometime ... Boyfriend : say now what? Girlfriend : nothinglove What are you doing ? Boyfriend : nothing just chilling Girlfriend : love you Boyfriend : what else ? .."It hurts her so much " Girlfriend : miss you Boyfriend: why do you always act so much It's so irritating Girlfriend breaks down into tears


all the days you have been i will be with you or sometimes i will be with you that thing i cant remember that you are not with me this second i know that you not with me i'm fearing that you will miss me finally I MISS YOU


MISSING YOU... You must be tired because you have been running through my mind.. You gotta be a thief because you have stolen my heart and I must have been a bad shooter because I keep missing you.. Missing you more than that of loving you... I miss you.. But still I am afraid to loose you.. But no matter when.. no matter where ... I LOVE YOU ..

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