How To Lead Happy Marriage Life (For Husbands)

How To Lead Happy Marriage Life (For Husbands)

Marriage Is The Very Complicated Thing In A Life. Need Very Guts To Do Marriage. There is a lot Of Couple Who Very happy with Their Marriage life. Also a lot of married Couples Who Not Happy and Satisfied With Their

Marriage Life And We are going To talk About That How To Lead Happy Marriage Life

In Initial Age Of 20' And 3o Every boys And Girls Be Very Excited To Do Marriage Once It Happens They Realise What They Did A Mistake. So First Of All Dont Do Marriage If You Not Have Any Earning Source And Any Kind  Of Income

Here We Go With 10 Points

1. Tell True

Make Them Believe That Your Genuine Person Dont Tell Lie In Any Case Wives Always Hurt With False Mostly with Whom They Trust Blindly

2. Remind Her Birthday And Other Events In Mobile Calenders

Yes. Man Always Forget Birthdays And Anniversary Date In That You Should Use Date Reminders In Phone Also There Is A Option Like Facebook

3. Compliments

It Is One Of The Most Important Thing You Should Always Give A Best Compliments But Dont Give Too Much Give Compliments On Her Outfits, Food, Her Efforts, Appreciate Her Work, Her Management Skills

4. Ask Her Needs Every Week

Womans Always Afraid Or Shy To Tell Their Needs You Should Ask And If You Can't Fulfil Their Need You Should Convince Her With A Beautiful Date, Ice Cream, With Roses They Like So Much These Things

5. Do Daily Yoga

Yes. Because Men Have Lot Works, Frustation, Some Financial Problems, Future Dreams, But They Can't Fullfil

Sometimes They Feel Very Frustation And It Comes Out On Her Wife So You Should Do Yoga Daily To Control

Your Emotions

6. Always Keep Far With Your Besties

Keep Far Your Wife With Your Best Friends, Old Friends, And Also Some Of Your Relatives. Because They Idiots Know All Your Secrets When They Feel Jealousy Or Become A Enemy He Can Be The Reason For The End Of Marriage

7. Make Them Laugh

Keep Sharing All The Funny Things Which Happened To You In Your Daily Life. Or You Can Tell Her Jokes By Google Or Memes. You Have To Make Joke On Yourself Not On Her Always Remind This

8. Some Of Keep It Always Personal

Don't Share Your Future Plan, Or Your Next Step It Is Proved In A Survey Girls Can't Keep Any Secret More Than 3 Days

9. Family Time

Doesn't Matters How Much You Earn Money How Much You Spent Money. The Main Thing Is You Should Spent Quality Time With Your Family With Playing Games, Going For The Picnic Once In A Month, Watching Movie With Family Once In A Week, Celebrate Your Every Success With Your Kids And Wife. But Don't Spent Too Much

10. Don't Talk More Than 30 Minutes With Your Wife

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Happy Marriage Life To All Married Men


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