Free Guy Movie Review In Details

 Free Guy Movie Review In Details

Movie Name:- Free Guy 

Actor :- Ryan Renolds, Lil Rel Howery

Director :-Shawn Levy

Screenplay:- Zak Penn

Story:- Zak Penn


In Details 

In "Free Guy" - an inventive summer tentpole, much better - than you might expect to finally be released after an epidemic - Ryan Reynolds plays a video game character who doesn't realize his world isn't real. Guy is what is known as the NPC, or "playable character." In one place and zero, it's not zero: just one of the standard rear sims that works as a hortage hounds damage to a game called "Free City," "Grand Theft Auto" - style free-for-all where players are encouraged that they did great damage, rejoiced and blasted their way to the visible city. 


Acting Performances :- 3.5/5

Direction :- 3.6/5

VFX :- 4/5

Music :- 4/5

Theatre Experience:- 4.5/5

Story :- 3/5

Comedy :- 2.5/5

Action :- 3/5

Overall Its A Feel Good Movie Must Watch In Theatres, Also You Can Watch With Your Family 

Behalf @BabbluSz. Free Guy :- 4/5

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