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“What is Christmas? Compassion for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. ”- Agnes M. Pahro

2. “The Christmas spirit is a spirit of generosity and forgiveness” - James Cash Penney

3. “Appreciating peace and goodwill, having plenty of mercy, is a real Christmas spirit” - Calvin Coolidge

4. "The true spirit of Christmas puts the happiness of others ahead of our own, and you find that you have never known such happiness" - Toni Sorenson

5. “Christmas means fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving, happy time, home” - W.J. Tucker

6. “Christmas is a time of reckoning with fire, the most important kind of fire in the heart” - Washington Irving

7. "Christmas is a time when everyone wants to forget the past and remember the present" - Phyllis Diller

8. “Christmas is a celebration of our innocence,” says Joan Mills

Christmas spirit quotes

Short Quotes and Sayings About Christmas

9. "Christmas is a day that holds all the time together" - Alexander Smith

10. "At Christmas, all the streets lead home" - Marjorie Holmes

11. “Christmas is not just a day, it is a frame of mind” - Valentine Davies

12. “Christmas is not the season. It hurts. ”- Edna Ferber

13. “Christmas is not a day. Attitude. ”- Mary Ellen Chase

14. “Christmas is a sugar-filled cell” - Mo Rocca

15. “Christmas is a day of joy and love” - Phillips Brooks

Quotes About Magic Of Christmas

16. “Christmas raises the magic wand in this world, and look, everything is so soft and beautiful” - Norman Vincent Peale

17. “The magic of Christmas is silent. You don't hear it - you hear it. You know I. You believe it. "- Kevin Alan Milne

18. “Christmas is a time not only for rejoicing but also for meditation” - Winston Churchill

19. "Christmas is a day of meaning and culture, a special day spent in a warm gathering of family and friends" - Margaret Thatcher

20. “It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air” - W.T. Ellis

21. “Christmas may be a party, or a prayer, but it is always a day to remember — a day when we can think of everything we loved.” - Augusta E. Randel

22. "The Christmas scent is a scent of childhood" - Richard Paul Evans

23. "Christmas is a time when you miss home - even when you're at home" - Carol Nelson

Happy Christmas Wishes For Friends & Family

24. "Let's keep a Merry Christmas without the thought of greed" - Ann Garnett Schultz

25. “Christmas is a bridge. We need bridges as the river of time passes. Christmas this is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. ”- Gladys Taber

26. "The best way to spread the joy of Christmas is to sing it out loud for all to hear" - Will Ferrell

27. "Christmas is not so much about opening our gifts as opening our hearts" - Janice Maeditere

28. "Unless we make Christmas an opportunity to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska will not turn white" - Bing Crosby

29. "Christmas is a part of one's home that one carries in one's heart" - Freya Stark

Estimates About Pre-Christmas Blessings

30. “The day before Christmas. One night of the year when we all do better, smile a little, have more fun. A few hours a year, we are the people we have always hoped to be. ”- Frank Cross

31. “Christmas is a time for rejoicing, gift-giving, and family reunion” - Norman Vincent Peale

32. “Peace on earth will last as long as we live every day Christmas” - Helen Steiner Rice

33. “Christmas is eternal, not just for one day. Loving, sharing, giving should not be neglected. ”- Norman Wesley Brooks

34. “The world has gone from bad to worse over the years, but by Christmas, you're still young.” - Phillips Brooks

35. “Christmas gives us a chance to take a break and meditate on the important things around us” - David Cameron

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Quotes About Decorating The Christmas Tree

36. “Freshly cut Christmas trees with scent stars and snow and pine resin — inhale deeply and fill your soul on winter nights” - John J. Geddes

37. "Nothing ever looks too bad, too hard, or too sad when you have a Christmas tree in the living room" - Nora Roberts

38. “Some ornaments of the Christmas tree do more than shine and shine, representing the gift of love given long ago” - Tom Baker

39. “He who does not have Christmas in his heart will never find it under the tree” - Roy L. Smith

40. “The most beautiful gifts you can have for any Christmas tree: the existence of a happy family united by one another” - Burton Hills

41. "There is nothing better than a bright Christmas tree" - Jenny Han

Quotes About Christmas Miracle

42. “Christmas is built on goodwill and purpose; that the birth of the homeless should be celebrated in every home ”- G.K. Chesterton

43. “Christmas is like candy; melts it down in your mouth and makes it taste good, making you want it to last forever. ”- Richelle E. Goodrich

44. “Christmas is not a story of hope. It's Hope ”- Craig D. Lounsbrough

45. “Christmas is a joyous occasion for our souls. It moves us to consider others rather than ourselves. It directs our thoughts to giving. ”- B. C. Forbes

46. ​​"One of the most glorious riots in the world is the pollution created in the living room on Christmas Day" - Andy Rooney

47. “When we look back on the past Christmas season, we often find that simple things — not great moments — provide a glimmer of joy” - Bob Hope

48. “At Christmas, play and celebrate, for Christmas comes once a year.” - Thomas Tusser

49. “Gifts of time and love are certainly the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas” - Peg Bracken

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A Heartwarming Christmas Message

50. “Christmas is a real Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most” - Ruth Carter Stapleton

51. “And that, of course, is the Christmas message. We are not alone. Not that

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